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    Error merging Outlook Contacts to Word (Word 2000/Outlook 2000)

    Have also posted this in the Outlook forum. I am trying to merge Outlook Contacts into Word in a Word mail merge. Under Data source: Get Data, I choose Outlook Address Book, and then choose the Contacts folder. Am getting a MAPI Error message
    "The Contacts folder associated with this address list could not be opened; it may have been moved or deleted, or you do not have permissions. For information on how to remove this folder from the Outlook Address Book, see Microsoft Outlook Help."

    If I try to use the Insert Address Button on my toolbar, I can select from the global address list, but when I try to open my Contacts folder I get a Microsoft Exchange message very similar to the one above, but it starts with "Unable to display the contents of this address book. The Contacts folder ..." and ends with Microsoft Exchange Client - [80040201].

    My Contacts folder is marked as an Outlook address book, I am the owner and have even tried adding myself to the permissions page and giving myself "Owner" permissions, and we have even tried removing my Exchange Profile from the machine altogether and re-set it up again, but that still did not work. I can access a Public contacts folder just fine, but not my own Contacts folder or any of its sub-folders.

    Help! It's happened to at least four users in our office so far, so it's not just me. We're moving mailboxes from one mailbox store to another one or to a different storage group, and mine has been moved, but at least one of the users with the problem hasn't been moved.Anyone run into this before, or have any suggestions? As usual, any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated!
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    Re: Error merging Outlook Contacts to Word (Word 2000/Outlook 2000)

    Please post your responses in the Outlook board thread.

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