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    Numbering (win2k sr1)

    I would like to get some help with numbering in Word. Here's whats going on, the orginal document was created in WP5.1 DOS and was using macros to number. Now the document needs to be converted to word 2k and I cant seem to get the numbering setup correctly. I dont know if I should use styles, or some other fomat to get this to number correctly. Here's an example:
    03-004 1. ROLL CALL.
    A. More levels down
    a. One more level to boot
    (Communication 03-004)

    A. More levels down
    (Communication 03-005)

    03-006 3. APPROVING AGENDA - items 3 through 46
    (Communications 03-006)

    I need to learn how to get the outside number to be on the same line as 1. , 2. , 3 to list the communications number for each paragraph that may or may not have a communication number assigned to it. And also learn how to get the 1,2,3 to renumber each time I add a new paragraph, same for the other levels. I have played with styles but cant seem to get them to work. I know this isnt the greatest example but I really do need help with learning to customize numbering. I am sending an file attachment alog for better understanding. Thank you
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    Re: Numbering (win2k sr1)

    The only way you can do that kind of numbering is by using seq fields. The autonumbering won't be of any great use as I don't know of a way to combine multiple streams in the same paragraph. Any solution is going to be a kludge because of the odd/inconsistent way that the numbering is used in that document.

    I have re-attached your document with sequence fields applied in the first few pages. Select the fields and right click to reveal the field codes and find out what is going on. The fields could be added as autotext entries to streamline their entry in the document but you may need macros to make it as painless as possible to build documents with this layout.
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    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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