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    Page numbering problem (2000)

    I am having trouble with page number in a large document (part of which is attached). The numbering is OK for the first 17 pages and then restarts again at page 2.

    I have tried every option possible - same as previous footer, removing same as previous and ticking "continue from previous section". Only thing that works is removing same as previous and then ticking "Start at" and enter 18. The trouble with this is that the document is constantly changing and the page numbering will need constant updating. This happens about 4 times in the document (at random intervals and there is no common format etc. before it happens) and the numbering always starts again at page 2.

    Also when viewing the Header and Footer the Show Next button on the toolbar does not allow you to move past footer section 6.

    Thanks is advance for any help.
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    Re: Page numbering problem (2000)

    Continuous section breaks are a disaster aren't they? This diagnostic macro:

    <pre>Sub SectionStartPages()
    Dim sect As Section
    For Each sect In ActiveDocument.Sections
    With sect.Headers(wdHeaderFooterPrimary).PageNumbers
    Debug.Print "Section: " & sect.Index, _
    "Number from: " & .StartingNumber, _
    "Restart numbering: " & .RestartNumberingAtSection
    End With
    End Sub</pre>

    Returns this:

    <pre>Section: 1 Number from: 1 Restart numbering: True
    Section: 2 Number from: 1 Restart numbering: True
    Section: 3 Number from: 0 Restart numbering: False
    Section: 4 Number from: 0 Restart numbering: False
    Section: 5 Number from: 0 Restart numbering: False
    Section: 6 Number from: 1 Restart numbering: True
    Section: 7 Number from: 0 Restart numbering: False
    Section: 8 Number from: 0 Restart numbering: False
    Section: 9 Number from: 0 Restart numbering: False</pre>

    Note the restarts on section 2 and 6. To cure what ails your document, you could try this macro:
    <pre>Sub ResetContinuousPgNum()
    ' Loops until a blank value is entered into the section number box
    Dim strSection As String
    ' Collect section number from user - InputBox always returns a string
    strSection = InputBox("Enter section number to make continuous")
    ' If no string, then quit
    If Trim(strSection) = vbNullString Then Exit Sub
    ' Reset two properties of the section (this header is sure to exist)
    With ActiveDocument.Sections(CInt(strSection)).Headers( wdHeaderFooterPrimary).PageNumbers
    .RestartNumberingAtSection = False
    .StartingNumber = 0
    End With
    End Sub</pre>

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: Page numbering problem (2000)

    There were some indications in this document that it perhaps had not been created in Word. For example, the headers and footers were in the normal style rather than the header and footer styles. I saved the document to my hard drive, then inserted it into a new Word document. (I did this in Word 2002, so some funkiness may result if you're working in 2000, but you can follow the same method in 2000.) I then removed all the section breaks, which removed the column formatting. I had noticed that there were only two places where the document was not formatted in 2 columns, which were the two wide tables at the end. I also noticed that column formatting appeared to have applied in several sections rather than all at once. I selected everything from the beginning of the document to the first wide table and applied 2-column formatting all at once. I then selected the text between the two wide tables and applied column formatting. Last, I selected the text after the 2nd wide table and applied column formatting. The page numbering flowed correctly from section to section, with all pages numbering sequentially from the start of the document. (I tried to post the result, but got a message that the attachment was too large. Sorry.)

    My guess about this document is that it was created in something other than Word and badly converted (or, rather, normally converted, since most documents are converted badly). Most likely, this caused one of the section breaks to corrupt. Stripping and rebuilding the section breaks alone would probably have cured the problem. However, whenever I run into a document I think was probably created in something other than Word, I like to insert it into a new document, which can cure a host of ills.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Lee Morgan

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