Looks like nobody has ever had any problems with Clip Organizer, from the almost total absence of posts! I suppose this could have gone in "General Windows Solutions" or even in "Windows XP"?

At home, I've attempted to catalog all the clipart on the Office XP Media CD (as copied to the hard disk), plus all that came with Office 97 SBE (also copied to the hard disk), and a number of non-Microsoft sources, such that my MSTORE10.MGC Media Catalog File is around 220 MB with about 125,000 images catalogued.

I understand that the Office XP clipart is a subset of that available in Office 97, and that a TechNet article cheerily suggests that you download the missing files from Design Gallery Live (how would you know, I ask?).

Does anyone know:

a) if the same piece of clipart appears in Office XP and in Office 97, would this be detected by the Organizer (because the files had the same name and size), and only a single pointer generated, or would one pointer be generated for each location of the same clipart file?

[img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] are the keywords associated with the Office 97 clipart files automatically "carried over" to XP's Clip Organizer, or, if not, is there any way to cause this to happen?

c) is there any practical way to assign keywords to non-Microsoft clipart which does not already have it? All that seems to happen is that the individual parts of the directory path are inserted as keywords for a particular file, of which only the lowest level (such as Animals or Birds) is of any significance? If this cannot be done, except manually, then I can probably bin about 100,000 of the images I mentioned previously, since that could be a lifetime's work of quite staggering tedium.

d) has anyone added any of the Lounge "Animated Smilies" into Clip Organizer (I know this begs the answer "Why Don't You Try It Yourself?"!)?

<img src=/S/thankyou.gif border=0 alt=thankyou width=40 height=15> to anyone who can assist with any of these questions!

PS to GifMeisters (you know who you are!) - surely the caption for the Northern Ireland flag should be <font color=blue>NorthernIreland</font color=blue> not <font color=blue>NrthIreland</font color=blue>? The latter is a never-encountered contraction, IMHO! <img src=/S/hushmouth.gif border=0 alt=hushmouth width=16 height=16>