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    {EQ} field width error (Word97/SR2)

    The latest Watch of Woody ( 21 January 2003 Vol 8 No 2) revisits the overstrike capability of the {EQ} field.

    It being my lunchtime, I decided to build myself a perusable Character Map in the form of a table 63 rows by 63 columns.

    I think 63 is the maximum number of columns under Word97SR2.

    Anyway, 26 lower-case and 26-upper case and ten digits plus a row heading make 63. Good Enough.

    I wrote, then ran, the macro (attached)

    To my surprise, some of the letter-letter combinations generated ERROR results.

    As far as I can make out, the ERROR results from a narrow column width - notice that "m" and "w" trigger the error.

    Adjusting the column width manually fixes most of the errors.

    To remove all the errors I had to

    1) switch to a 55cm X 55cm custom paper
    2) reduce margins to 1cm
    3) convert the table to space-deleimited text.
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