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Thread: Desktop moving

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    Desktop moving

    A few moments ago, I returned to the Desktop and found that the taskbar had moved down almost enough to be completely unaccessible. I was able to grab a thin piece of the taskbar and move it up. What do I do if I can't see any of the taskbar? Any ideas of why this happened?

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    Re: Desktop moving

    When you move the mouse over the top of the task bar, you will see the mouse pointer change to an updown arrow, indicating that you can resize the height of the task bar by dragging up or down.

    I suspect that you accidentally dragged the taskbar to its minimum height. As far as I know, it's not possible to drag it off the screen entirely; you'll always see a narrow strip by which you can drag it up again.

    Note: in Windows XP, you can lock the task bar (right click an empty part of it, you'll see various options). I don't know if Windows ME provides this option.

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