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    Automatic Filling of fields (Access 2000)

    I am looking for method to takes fields from one database and appending to another database. Ex. database #1 has name, address, city, state, zip code. In database# 2 I have a combo box for name, and regular fields for address,city,state,zipcode. I want to use the search for the name in the name combo box and have all other information automatically added that goes along with the name in the rest of the fields and save it in number two database. I did it in the old database by appending and editing the new record.

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    Re: Automatic Filling of fields (Access 2000)

    One approach is to simply link to the tables in database #1 from database #2. Make the linked table the data source for the form, and place a button on the form that executes a query which appends records to the new table in database #2 from the record currently displayed in the form. There are some issues to think about in terms of creating duplicates - so you may need to have a primary key to block that kind of thing. Otherwise it is a fairly simple approach that only involves code you can generate using the command button wizard. The only trick is setting up the append query so that the criteria references a primary key displayed on the form. Post back if you need further explanation.

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