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    Powerpoint Links (Powerpoint 97 SR-2)

    I'm trying to figure out if I'm going to bump up against any built-in memory limits for Word or Powerpoint. I am creating a document that will necessitate me having approximately 70 links from Word to different parts of a Powerpoint presentation. My first question is whether Word and Powerpoint will allow me to do this many links. I ran into a problem trying to create lot of links in Powerpoint a while ago and was wondering if Word had some of the same limitations.
    The second question is whether I'm going to be able to link to different slides within one presentation or if I need to create many different presentations (one for each link) and have the links point to the different presentations. Please help! Thanks!

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    Re: Powerpoint Links (Powerpoint 97 SR-2)

    You can add the link to a specific PPT slide by doing the following in Word:

    Insert/Hyperlink. In the "link to file or URL," browse to the PPT file and select it. Then in the "named location in file" box, put the slide number. Click OK.

    In other versions of PPT, it's easier to use filename#slide, so, for instance, your link might be Cocuments and SettingsComputerDesktopPowerPoint.ppt#7 to link to slide 7 in the PowerPoint.PPT file on your desktop. When I tested this just now by putting this link in the "link to file or URL" in Edit/Hyperlinks in Word 97, it worked fine. In fact, when I went in to edit the hyperlink to see what it was showing, it had moved the slide number down to the appropriate box automatically. Pretty cool.

    I don't know about any link limits in Word. If nobody on this board has a definitive answer, you might want to post on the Word board and see if anyone there knows. (But I'd suspect you'll be fine with just 70-ish links.)

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