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    Working with Dates (A2KSR1)

    I need to be able to determine the day of the week in Sun, Mon, Tue,... format. I can't find anything that gives the method of doing this. I need it in a query.
    I am trying to write a scheduling program and need to put the calendar by month across the top and calculate the day of the week to fill a array.

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    Re: Working with Dates (A2KSR1)

    The "ddd" format will display a date as Sun, Mon, etc. You can either set the Format property of a date field in a table or query to ddd, or you can use the Format function:
    DOW: Format([MyDate],"ddd")
    If you set the Format property, the field will still be a date field that can be used in computations.
    If you use the Format function, the result is text, suitable for export, but you can't use it in computations any more.

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