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    old ppt files constantly revised (2000, SR1)

    I usually work with Word and mostly frequent that forum. We have power point presentations floating around that are constantly being revised and reused. The one I saw last night was created in 9/99 with revisions totaling 308 and minutes edited 12,550. I know if we did that with Word, we'd have massive problems.

    Could this cause problems? If you cross versions, does this matter with power point? I think people in my dept. that do this need to know. I appreciate any insight you can give me.

    Nancy Potter

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    Re: old ppt files constantly revised (2000, SR1)

    Well, one thing to know is that the revision time estimates in PPT are not accurate, and they seem to become even less so the longer the file's been in use. However, you are correct in that we tend to see more problems with files that have been around for multiple versions of PPT and have been used and revised extensively in different versions (and sometimes cross-platform, to boot).

    You might consider running the Clone Me addin since the files are apparently still all working well. That can sometimes help dump some of the oddball things that seem to cause corruption in files.;en-us;q193848

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