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    Word2002 exec error 5 (Word 2002-SR1)

    My operating system: Windows XP (SR1 upgraded)

    When I open Word 2002, the following dialogue box appears, and I had never seen that box before: First line: Microsoft Visual Basic; Second line: execution error "5"; Third line: incorrect argument
    or incorrect procedure call; Fourth line: choice to make between "End" or "Help". If I choose click on "End", then I can open Word and work with it as usual, but I cannot open Word without being obliged
    to click on "End". And if I choose to click on "Help", I can read "Your argument may be too long, etc.", which sounds like Chinese to me...

    Why can't I open Word 2002 just like before, I mean, how can I eliminate this strange dialogue box altogether ?

    Many thanks for your help.

    Best regards


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    Re: Word2002 exec error 5 (Word 2002-SR1)

    Hi, John. It sounds like some automation has run amok. Have you recently installed another application (like DeltaView, Acrobat or other 3rd party plugin)? You should read Phil Rabichow's star post on systematically locating and correcting unusual behavior in Word.

    Also, I highly recommend getting the latest updates for Office XP.

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