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    Combo box to select what is displayed (AccessXP)

    I have a subform that track home, business, and winter home addresses. Each record entered on the subform is identified as one of those types of address

    I then used the combo box wizard to display the appropriate type of address for example home. But if I click on the list I see x number of business or home entries. How can I restrict the choices on the list to just the three types.

    Note: I went into properties dialog box for the control and changed the Row Source type to Value List and then entered Business;Home;Winter Home in the Row Source. And got an error message. Which was a Run-time error '13": Type mismatch.

    Thanks for any and all help.


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    Re: Combo box to select what is displayed (AccessXP)

    We usually solve this problem by using a linked table approach, so the address type in the address table is a number pointing to a table called tbl_AddressType. That table has two fields, the address type ID, and a description (business, home, winter). The combo box is then linked to that table as the row source, and is bound to the field AddressType in the address table. Your error 13 says you tried to put text data in a number field or something similar to that - is your address type field currently a text field?

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