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    XP upgrade from ME woes

    I am trying to upgrade a Compaq Presario 5000 from Win ME (OEM pre-installed) to XP using the MS retail XP upgrade package.
    It fails with error message "Cannot Upgrade or Install a Different Language Version of Windows XP" (refer MS kb article 282089;en-us;282089).
    The upgrade package is English (International). The OEM install of ME I had assumed would be International English too - it was bought in Australia thru a major retail chain. It has the authenticity sticker etc.
    I tried changing the language / region via Contral Panel (from English/Australia to English/USA and back again) but it didn't help.
    I tried Compaq's email support but their answer was nonsensical.
    - How can I determine what language version the OEM install of Windows ME was from?
    - Am I stuck with buying the retail XP Full Licence and doing a clean install ? (maybe desirable for other reasons, but it means there's about 100Mb of drivers I have to download from Compaq)
    - Can anyone suggest anything else to try?
    - Is Microsoft's email supprt worth trying?
    - Does anyone have a good checklist of stuff to do to help an XP upgrade go smoothly?

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    Re: XP upgrade from ME woes

    IMHO you must perform a clean install. An upgrade from ME or anything is the kiss of death. As for the drivers, even if you did perform an upgrade you would still have to have all the new model specific drivers from Compaq. Upgrade vs the full license; you should be able to buy a full OEM version for the same cost as an upgrade. Here in the US a complete OEM XPHome is $95-$100 and XPPro is $145-$150. There is no doubt that you will be much happier with XP.

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    Re: XP upgrade from ME woes

    Have you checked the HP/Compaq web site? Have you checked with the retailer where you bought the upgrade? Have you checked with the original vendor for the system? The XP upgrade process does not require an OS to be installed just media to prove you had it. An OEM resource disk is NOT good enough. You need an actual MS product disk. If you have an ME CD, you could try the following:
    1.) Backup your system - you may need to restore it if the rest does not work
    2.) Make sure you have XP drivers for all your 'stuff'
    3.) Format the drive upon which you wish to install XP - you'll need a DOS boot disk to do this.
    4.) Start the XP install process - it will ask for proof of some original OS - you'll need your ME CD.


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