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    PowerPoint error 1605, corrupt install w/ template (XP SR2)

    I just purchased Office XP standard and did all the upgrades available on the Office site (SR1, SR2, plus individual products). When I was playing with PowerPoint, I got the dreaded "error 1605" when I tried to use templates, which means a problem with install.

    I looked at the KB article on the fix (Q327975), and it's a doozy. First of all, the "install clean up" utility that they reference won't work on Windows XP, It asks me to uninstall and reinstall about 20 programs, and frankly I'm not going to do that. How much of that article do I really have to do? Is there another solution? I used Office XP's own "repair installation" but it didn't help.

    I'm sure this has been covered here before, but a "Search" didn't help too much.

    BTW, I have previously had Office 2000 Small Business and Office 2000 Premier installed on the machine. I uninstalled them both before installing XP standard (and there are weird little side affects from that, but I got around them).

    Any advice?


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    Re: PowerPoint error 1605, corrupt install w/ template (XP SR2)

    Hi, Jim.
    I've been hoping somebody would have good ideas for you, but since none have been posted, I'll just suggest that you call MS Product Support on this one. I suspect it will be ruled an installation issue, so you shouldn't be charged for it (but you'll have to give a credit card number when you call).

    Sorry I don't have any better resolutions.

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