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    what do i need to do. (fp 2002)

    i need to know a few things pertaining to using a database at my web site
    I was wondering if you could suggest to me what I should use to create a data base for my local entertainment directory. I would like to make it so people can view my listings by the day of the week. which data base programs should I be focusing my attention on access and/or Excel. currently I use bookmarks to decipher the names of the bars and restaurants in alphabetical order as well to use book marks to search by music categories but would like to take the info and have it displayed by which places have entertainment on a particular day of the week. I need 7 values for each day of the week and a value for today to show the current days entertainment. what should I use. the info already exists on the web what steps do you think will be the most solid and stable for the end user as well. I want to use the most supported and stable database I can. i also update and change the data every week all year long.
    any ideas I would really appreciate.

    thank you,
    Bryan Laughead
    ps. I really can't believe how much I enjoy learning and reading now that I am into building my website. I never wanted to read books this thick in my life. I appreciate you taking the time to explain how to use Microsoft's software. good stuff.. thanks also i have win xp pro, frontpage 2002 running on my machine now can i use my office 2000 with xp pro and fp 2002. can i run both fp 2002 and fp 2000 on the same machine running win xp pro. see i only got front page 2002 with my version of xp pro and have the ofice 2000 with axcess, power point, excel, & front page on it and want to know if they are compatable with xp pro and fp 2002.

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    Re: what do i need to do. (fp 2002)

    Hi Bryan~

    Your question is a winner because it will direct your learning. Trying to answer it here would require writing a book <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15> (which I dont have time for!). Therefore, I would recommend Frontpage 2002 Inside Out. And then pick a book on Access ~ there are several worthy: Helen Fedema's, Alison Balter's, to name a couple.

    If you are using Access 2002, I would recommend saving the database in 2000 format.

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    Re: what do i need to do. (fp 2002)

    When you say "the info already exists on the web," do you mean that you want to do the following:

    (1) Create (and maintain) a database of links to other pages; and
    (2) Publish these links in the form of a calendar which shows the current week's events.

    Although Access has a learning curve to it, I think you will find that the easiest way to do this in FP is to create an Access database with the information you need. For example:

    Table 1: Events
    Field 1: EventDate
    Field 2: InfoURL
    Field 3: My Link Text
    Field 4: My Description

    Query 1: ThisWeeksEvents
    Returns all the fields in the table, but only for the current week. This is determined by using a criterion on the EventDate field that figures out from the current date whether EventDate falls during the current week.

    Using the FrontPage database components, you then can lay out the data on the page in a table. FP's database logic is not super-flexible. Making a calendar with 7 days across (in other words, putting all the events for the first date in the first column, second date in the second column) might be a lot harder than making a calendar listing 7 days from top to bottom. If you switch from using FrontPage database components to ASP and ADO, you basically can do anything you want because you are rolling your own page.

    Oh, try to use a DSN-less connection in FrontPage. That means nothing to you right now, but if you are using a third party web server, you might not be able to create a DSN.

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