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    Syncronizing Memo Fields

    I have a form with 5 memo fields on it. When I exit one to go to another it returns to the top of info. Because of the nature of the form (records retention) I need to be able to have the memo boxes scroll down together so you can read it straight across. Because of the amount of info placed in the field I am forced to use the memo field designation (correct ?) Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Re: Syncronizing Memo Fields

    I'm having trouble visualizing your form. Are there 5 memo fields in your table? If so, what kind of data are you putting into them? How does the data in one memo field relate the data in the others? It doesn't sound reasonable to use side by side controls to read a single piece of information, so you need to describe a typical "record" across the several memo fields.

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