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    Report of jpg images (2000)

    What is the best way of telling access to place an external image file at a particular location in a report?
    I would like to create a report that displays a list of product photographs, selected, sorted and arranged according to choices that the user makes at run time. The photos are held as jpeg files. The information that will be used to determine selection and sorting is held in a SQL Server database. I would like to use Access to combine these.


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    Re: Report of jpg images (2000)

    You'd have to create a query or temporary table that holds the paths and file names of the jpeg files to be placed in the report, and use this as record source of a report. The table or query also needs a field to use for the sort order. Put an image control in the detail section of the report, and set its Picture property in run time using code as in <post#=209051>post 209051</post#>. You'll have to set the sort order for the report in the Sorting and Grouping window, or in code; Access usually ignores any sort order set in the record source.

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