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    Cascade Updates throughout documents? (2k SR1)


    We have many documents, big ones with 100+ pages.
    They have the same diagrams spread across them.
    These are Visio drawings which we rendered as JPEGs & then imported into Word (using Insert -> Picture -> From File).

    My Q: Is there a way that I change one Master Drawing and this update then cascades throughout all our documents?
    Even if it's possible, consider the complications that we don't insert the Visio native diagrams (we use a rendered JPEG file).
    Also some of the JPEGs are too large for an A4 page and need manual scaling to fit them on a single page along with a caption.

    Any advice would be appreciated - Thanks,


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    Re: Cascade Updates throughout documents? (2k SR1)

    When you insert the picture you should insert it as a Link, then changes to the jpg file will be picked up by the word documents.

    If you need to do the scaling in word then you could insert the picture in one word document, scale it, and then insert that word document into all the others as a link. It would probably be more efficient to scale the jpg file.

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    Re: Cascade Updates throughout documents? (2k SR1)

    In addition to Stuarts remarks: if you insert the jpeg file as link, you may want to set updating of the link to manual to speed up the opening of the document. If updating is automatic, the jpeg file is read anew each time the document is opened. When finalizing the document, you can update the link, and, if you like, break it, for instance if you want to send the document to somebody outside the company. You set the update properties etc. in Edit/Links...

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