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    Word 97 Problems (Word 97/ SR2)

    I'm having some odd problems with word. I'm running windows XP and installed Office 97. Would rather not fork out more money for Office XP. My problem is that when I save something it only saves the first charater of the name. Example. Type in "Test" it will only save "T". I went to digging around and noticed that my default font is listed the same way, instead of "Times new Roman" I see "T", font size is "1" as opposed to "12". Microsofts web site is no help, so maybe someone here knows whats up.

    I also ran 2 differant virus scans on my pc and I'm clean according to them. A friend suggested this. Same friend thought that if I would just poney up the cash for the upgrade that it would fix it as well.

    Forgot to mention I have tryed to uninstall Office 97 and reinstall it twice now and it seems to keep doing it. Also I accidently logged in as customer instead of hitting my username and Word seems to work fine. So it must be something with my login I suppose. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Word 97 Problems (Word 97/ SR2)

    > So it must be something with my login I suppose. Any thoughts?
    Try following the instructions in <post#=197827>post 197827</post#>


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