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    Phantom ranges (2000)

    I used J Walker's Power Utility Pak (if you don't own this, go out and get it, it's worth every penny) to generate a named range report. I am confused by the results. There are several "phantom" ranges that are not displayed by Excel when I review the defined ranges. They are highlighted blue & yellow in the attached summary sheet.

    What does .wvu. mean? These come from a 2.8 MB spreadsheet that has bogged down performance-wise to the point that it is no longer usable. I was checking for errors and uncovered this. BTW, will named ranges with broken references (ie !#REF!) cause the performance problems?

    Can anyone shed some light on the contents and how to modify them?
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    Re: Phantom ranges (2000)

    The reason why you are unable to see some names in the Insert, name, define box is because they are probably hidden.

    Download my Name manager from the Excel MVP page below. Filter for hidden names and I suspect you will see those listed.

    The names appear to be corrupt, in that they contain characters Excel would normally refuse. Things like this usually happen with spreadsheets with a long history (like those who stem from Lotus originally).

    I have made a utility that can remove corrupt names (XL2000 and up). Find it <!post=here,217246>here<!/post>

    If you haven't got XL2000, let me know.
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