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    Error 48 Loading DLL (Access 2000)

    One of my applications works fine on all except one machine I have tried to load it on. That system (which, like a number of others, only has Access 2000 Runtime) reports an "Error 48: Error in loading DLL" when the program tries to relink the backend database.

    I suspect a bad/missing Win2000 DLL, rather than Access itself, as I have completely removed Access RT and reinstalled - both without error - but the error still appears. As it is only RT, I cannot easily single-step through the code, so I am not clear just which statement causes the problem.

    Is there any way I can get mor information about what DLL is likely to be causing the problem?
    Any other ideas about how to fix it, please?


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    Re: Error 48 Loading DLL (Access 2000)

    You might try the free FileMon utility from SysInternals to monitor what files Access tries to open. Perhaps their RegMon utility will help too.

    Note: both utilities can provide an overwhelming amount of information; you'll have to set filters to reduce it to manageable size.

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