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    Developer's Best Friend (Word97/SR2)

    This template contains two macros I find invaluable in my development work.

    VBE and VBEUp both open a template and switch to the VBE with a maximised window.

    VBEUp increases the version number of the file being opened.

    To see how it works, create a dummy template (for purposes of this test) with an 8-character file name, of which the first five are alphabetic and the next 3 are digits, thus: Save and Close the file Utils182.DOT.

    Now use the macro VBEUp to open the Utils182.DOT. You will be presented with a copy of Utils182.DOT saved as Utils183.DOT.

    Numbers are free.

    During a long day of development, I like to save audit-trail copies of my work before/after major changes, or before/after meal breaks etc.

    The most time-saving feature of these macros remains Kevin's :
    <pre> Application.ShowVisualBasicEditor = True ' Open VBE
    Application.VBE.MainWindow.WindowState = 2 ' same as vbext_ws_Maxz

    Woody's Lounge

    If your template filename is void of digits, VBEUp will produce an incrementing extent.

    And yes, you are not restricted to using this technique for DOT files. Works well on DOCs, too.
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