If I've done this right, it's a neat little command macro for taking you on a guided tour of your document.

You could run "cmd_MarkUnBookmarkedText" first so that you have some bookmarks to visit.

In the Under The Hood template I was going to use a visiting card as an icon, but I couldn't fit my home address on it, so instead I opted for a mug with "Fifth Wheel Truck Stop" on it. Brooke will probably say the writing displayed so quickly that he couldn't see it .... (grin!)

<pre>Public Sub cmd_VisitBookmarks()
' Procedure : VisitBookmarks
' Description: Visit each bookmark in the active document until the user decides to stop.
' Copyright: Chris Greaves Inc.
' Inputs: None
' Returns: Nothing
' Assumes: Nothing
' Side Effects: The selection may change.
' Tested: By a call from the user
Dim bkmk As Bookmark
For Each bkmk In ActiveDocument.Bookmarks
Dim intMsg As Integer
intMsg = MsgBox(bkmk.Name, vbRetryCancel, str(Len(bkmk.Range.Text)) & " characters")
If intMsg = vbCancel Then
Exit For
End If
Next bkmk
End Sub