<P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by WendellB on 28-Jan-03 13:58. Locked and added reference to duplicate post in General Office Solutions)</P>Anyone got any suggestions for getting text inside a triangle shape so that it is filled from top to bottom. I have tried drawing a triangle then adding text to its text box and changing options so that the text is wrapped inside shape and anchor point is top centred but the text starts in the middle of the triangle (not the top) leaving half of it empty.

Best method so far is to manually put "enters" after words so that the text follows shape (using a seperate text box), but this is tricky and fails if the triangle needs re-sizing (even if shapes are grouped).

Can use either Word, excel, powerpoint or Visio (although final result will be in powerpoint so needs to copy and paste properly). Feel free to use VBA.



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