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    Access previous record of query (97)

    Is there an efficient way to retrieve fields from the previous record of a query using just SQL?

    I have a series of records with (among others) a field that is the timestamp when the record was created, and I need to calculate the elapsed time between readings by subtracting the two timestamps. If there was a sequential record number in the query, I could do a self-join using the next-lower record number, but that's not feasible with this recordset. The only idea I've had is to populate a temporary table with a sequential field plus the original record ID, but I would like to avoid creating another table if possible. TIA
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    Re: Access previous record of query (97)

    Microsoft has a solution using a user-defined VBA function in ACC: Referring to a Field in the Previous or Next Record; this solution is also available in the Samply Queries database (the article contains a link to download it). Note: the first solutions described require an ID field without gaps; the solution with a VBA function is lower down.

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