Hi !

Can anyone please help me with the following queries regards resource
pool and resource management...
1)what's the main benefits of using a res. pool besides having all the
resources at one place? i mean when i started with the res. pool i
thought that the resource pool may help me in getting a cosolidated
view of resource usage...which it does indeed...but are there any
other advantages or helps from this...which i am unaware of ?

2)what shud be the ideal size of a resource pool...
i mean in my organization it handles more than 50 projetcs , 200
resources and the size has increased to approx 10 MB. now it takes
more time opening the projects with res.pool attached or even updating
the projects from project central.

3)can there be an arrangement of master and sub-resource pools ....the
same way , we see for master and sub-projects ? i tried with
this...but the probs were a)the master res.pool shows the resources of
constituting sub res. pool only when they are open. B)i started with
an idea that may be a project cud use resources from a sub res. pool
or if it needs resources from 2 or more res.pools it can use the
master res.pool. but now , though the master res. pool has all the
resources from the sub res.pools it does not show them as available

4)Moreover , how do we shift to a new res.pool while the project is
only mid-way?

5)few days back, we got out our res.pool corrupted.(Dr.watson error)we
had to finally resort to the backup. can anyone please suggest as to
why cud have this occurred and how to prevent this ?

Sorry for the looooooooong mail.
Thanks in advance,