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    Can you sum total a combo box (2000)

    I am building a report for inventory on parts that we use...The person I am doing the report for would like a combo box which has the part ID and cost of the part....

    Now I have to run a report on what part and cost that we use that day...I did a query for the date (between "Beginning date" and "Ending Date") That is working fine....The cost of the part is a combo box which I have it showing up when I run the report...Now I need to total that column up for the end of the report...

    Part ID.column(1) is the name of the part Part ID.column(2) (which column 2 show the cost of the part this is a text box 56)

    At the the report footer I created a text box and control source is =sum(text56) ....This is not working does anyone have any suggestion...Is there any way of sum a combo box....

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    Re: Can you sum total a combo box (2000)

    I believe you want to do a join query and actually link in the cost that way for your report. Doing a sum on anything other than the bound column of the combo box is going to be a major challenge. You could make the cost a text box on the report, and then your sum should be correct.

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