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    PowerPoint Guidelines (PPT 2002)

    What are the optimal number of slides?
    How can we push the listeners to get involved to the presentation?
    When to give out handouts? Should you give out handouts?
    When presenting to a large group, should your eye contact mostly be on the one who can make a decision with your presentation or to everyone?
    What is the best duration of time to give a presentation? (1 hour, 45 minutes,

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    Re: PowerPoint Guidelines (PPT 2002)

    I don't think that any of these questions can be ansered in relation to a tool. It depends on what you are trying to do. You might as well ask what is the optimal audience.

    I have prepared a presentation with over 1,000 slides for a 2 week technical training course.
    I have delivered a presentation with a single slide for a 1 hour sales presentation.


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    Re: PowerPoint Guidelines (PPT 2002)

    It really depends on your goals and your audience.
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    Re: PowerPoint Guidelines (PPT 2002)

    There are a lot of sites that give tips for presenters. I know I once got a newsletter from 3M with that kind of stuff.

    As for the optimal number of slides, I was once told that each slide should be displayed for a short enough time that people don't lose interest in the material on that slide. I try to keep the time under 2 minutes, which makes the presentation file a lot bigger, but if I do it correctly, it still doesn't look like I'm just reading off the screen. There's a point of balance in there somewhere, as much related to your personality and sense of personal style as your audience/goals/etc.

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