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    Hyperlink 'back button' limit?? (Word XP)

    Hi there. I feel like a bit of a fool. We've recently installed a few PC's with Win XP and Office XP. Most of the PC's in the company is still using Office 97. We have a little "system" of storing all our ISO quality documents, procedures and stuff on our network using Word documents - so people can view them. The "structure" is to get to the documentation via an Index document which then uses hyperlinks to the Procedures, Policies or whatever. Within this linked (let's say) Procedure there are now links to (let's say) Standard Practices, etc.
    Now in Word 97 the Back and Next buttons on the Web Toolbar work perfectly. I.e. when you go from the Index to Procedure 1, and then to Standard Practice 1 you can go back (from Standard Practice 1) to Procedure 1 by using the back button and then from Procedure 1 to the Index also by using the back button.
    However with Word XP you can only go back one level/document. So when using the back button from Standard Practice 1 you get to Procedure 1 but then the back button is deactivated (greyed out) and you can't get back to the Index. I've done a test using a set of Excel documents and it works perfectly. The back button stays activated till you get all the way back to the initial (in this case Index) document.
    In the Word document properties the Hyperlink base is blank - if that is of any value!
    Any ideas???
    Many thanks

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    Re: Hyperlink 'back button' limit?? (Word XP)

    I don't have Word 2002. But I would show the field codes (Alt+F9) & also look and see if there is a switch that affects the behavior (Insert/Fields.../Hyperlink/Options). For example, it may be that the hyperlink is opening in a new document or isn't added to the history list. You can look under the options for the hyperlink field & press Shift+F1 to give context sensitive help.
    Hope this will be of some use to you.

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