We are using Outlook 2000 SR-1 with Exchange 2000.

We have a few users that get messages not addressed to them. For example, this morning my boss sent a meeting request to myself and three other people. If you look her sent items, only our four names appear in the list of recipients. However, a secretary who I had been troubleshooting an Outlook problem for, received the meeting invite. Why???? This is happening to several people.

This may be a clue - I have admin rights to users' mail accounts; so from my machine - logged into the network as myself - I can open any users' mail account. The secretary that got the meeting invite was having problems with Outlook this morning. So, around the same time the message was sent from my boss to me, I opened her mail account (logged into the network as myself). However, other people are getting mail from people that have no admin rights at all. . .

Any ideas from anyone????