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    Slow load from LAN (2000)

    I created a program that has multi-users in two locations. When the users were ready to test it, the LAN administrators loaded it to their system. Some users are in-house and have access to the LAN, but two other users are external and have access to the LAN. The users experienced the program locking up and the program crashing.

    We then had all the users load the front end on their PC's, linked to the back end on the LAN. When one of the external users opens the program, it will take four minutes or more to find and link to the back end data base. It takes the other user up to ten minutes for the load to happen. Once the program is loaded, it seems to work ok.

    I am not familiar with the technicalities of how the LAN access works. I just develop Access programs. Is there anything I could suggest to the LAN administrator to reduce the load time?

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    Re: Slow load from LAN (2000)

    Performance in such cases is dependant on the speed of the external connection to the LAN. Many LANs run at 100MBs, and the slower ones run at 10MBs, while dialin connections are typically at 0.05MBs, and permanent internet based connections might run as fast as 0.5MBs, so things get really pokey for external users. We use one of two solutions - a remote control program such as PCAnywhere, Windows Terminal Services, etc., or replication (which has it's own set of problems). One step that might get a small improvement is to put any lookup tables (that don't change very often if at all) in the front-end rather than the back-end. Aside from that, I would pursue the Terminal Services approach if you have a connection via the Internet - otherwise PC Anywhere or one of the other similar programs might be a better choice, though it requires a more or less dedicated workstation to dial into.

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