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    Double Spaced Signature

    I've created a default signature format for each person in our office using MS Word and saving it as an HTML file. When I e-mail them the signature file and have them save it to the proper directory and then they try to insert it into a message it is double spaced. In the preview box for Signature Picker it looks fine. I've also noticed this same problem whenever I try to copy and paste anything into a message -- the text is automatically double spaced. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Re: Double Spaced Signature

    I haven't tested this, but... it sounds as though Word is creating new

    tags for each line rather than putting a < br > between them (had to insert spaces there, or it doesn't preview correctly). If you change the Word source document to use manual line breaks rather than new paragraphs, and then save to HTML again, do the lines stick together better?

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    Re: Double Spaced Signature

    Thanks. That fixed it. When I initially created the HTML file I did it in Word and saved it as an HTML document. I've recently had some training in HTML programming and didn't even think about the tags. I fixed it by programming it from scratch in an HTML editor and putting in
    tags myself. Thanks again.

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