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    Belkin USB2 2-Port CardBus

    I've installed this plug and play card software on my laptop - I think. It all seemed to set-up automatically when I inserted the CD, without requiring any prompts and finished the set-up automatically. All of the drivers except the Belkin driver seem to be installed. Have other Windows XP USB drivers instead of the Belkin driver tyaken over - have XP sevice pack 1. Does service pack 1 over-ride the Belkin USB2 driver (I think the Belkin driver is earlier). Question: is there any way to see/test that I have the faster USB2 capability? I don't have any USB2 devices at the moment in order to test out. Thanks.

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    Re: Belkin USB2 2-Port CardBus

    Re: Question 1. I don't know about the Belkin card, But I do have a little UMAX 3400 USB scanner, that didn't work after XP was installed. The scanner was recognized, but just didn't work. It turned out that the MS digitally signed drivers which over rode the originals for this were not compatible. I had to go back and install the original UMAX drivers, (despite the warnings that they were NOT digitally signed off by MS). The scanner then worked like a champ, even though some utility progs like "copy machine utility" said that they were NOT for WinXP use. So, I would be prepared to install the Belkin drivers, if i were you.
    Question 2, I would suspect that you would have to have a USB2 type device installed in order to truly test it's capablilities.


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