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    Acceptable font sizes

    I'm sure there is no rule, because all fonts cease to become legible at different sizes...
    So as a general 'guideline', what is the smallest acceptable size font in a Powerpoint show?

    Remember, this is the show taking place in the conference room and Joe Shmoe should be able to read it from the back of the room.
    Incidentally, my font is tahoma

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    Re: Acceptable font sizes

    the older I get ... the bigger the minimum gets [img]/forums/images/smilies/wink.gif[/img]
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    Re: Acceptable font sizes

    One guide to font size is the "5 & 5" rule for bulleted slides: Use no more than five bullets per slide and five words per bullet.
    This forces you to use reasonably large type and not much of it.
    This information was found on

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    Re: Acceptable font sizes

    The following font size formula was in Presentations Magazine, March 2001, page 54:
    To determine the appropriate font size, measure in feet from the screen to the farthest audience member's seat, divide that number by the height of the projected image, and then multiply by three.
    Example: 24 feet from screen to last seat, projecting a 4-foot-high image. (24/4)*3=18. The minimum font size would be 18.

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    Re: Acceptable font sizes

    Room size and screen size are big factors in choosing fonts. Basically, a character needs to subtend a minimum arc to be recognized. (At least, that's what I told engineers working on slides. <img src=/S/wink.gif border=0 width=15 height=15>) The smaller the screen, and the greater the screen distance, the larger the font needs to be.

    For a quick and dirty check, try writing the text on a 3x5 card. If you have no room access, forcing the text onto the card will usually do the trick. If you have access to the room, sit in the back of the room hold the card away from you so it just covers your view of the screen. If you can still read the text, you're golden.

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