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    Rotating tables 90 degrees with page numbering (Word 2000 SR1)

    I have read with interest the thread regarding page setup and rotating text 90 degrees. It was mentioned by Bryan that the macro wouldn't rotate text in tables, but he was going to look into it. Bryan, have you had the opportunity to look into this as it was raised by one of my delegates last Thursday and yes, I have been bashing my head against the brick wall over it <img src=/S/bash.gif border=0 alt=bash width=35 height=39> .

    I would appreciate any help in this, for my own learning curve if nothing else.

    Thanks. Jackie

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    Re: Rotating tables 90 degrees with page numbering (Word 2000 SR1)


    Are you are talking about <post#=194127>post 194127</post#>?

    If you are, I just started looking at it earlier last week and all I can say is It is going to be a LOT more difficult that I ever imagined. That is not to say that it is not possible, just that it will probably be a while before I get it all figured it out.

    That being said, if you look at <post#=217848>post 217848</post#> by Phil Rabichow, he posted some code that should rotate the table. Well actually it rotates the page but maintains the Headers and footers in the proper orientation.
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