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    Duplicates (Access XP)

    I am trying to create a statement for an assiciation. I am getting close, but I have found another wall. I have two questions I need help on.

    Question 1: In the Detail section there are the following fields MonthlyInvoiced#, Total, and DateBilled for the Invoiced information then there is a row below that for PaymentDate and PaymentAmount. Originally I would get one line for the billing and payment. If there is two payments for a specific billing both the billing and payment are displayed with the second payment.

    I set the MonthlyInvoiced#, Total, and DateBilled fields to not allow duplicates. The only problem is that for the second MonthlyInvoiced# that field displays but not the Total and DatedBilled for the second MonthlyInvoiced#. To say that another way for invoice 47 all three fields are displayed but for invoice #61 the Total and DateBilled fields are not displayed.

    The second problem is if there are no payments then no statement is compiled for the designated period for those people that only have invoices.

    Thank you for any and all help.

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    Re: Duplicates (Access XP)

    I think we are going to need a bit more info on the first question:
    In particular what tables are involved, and what is the data source for the report? If the data source is a query, can you give us the SQL statement?

    On your second question, I presume you want to have an invoice statement for everyone whether they have made a payment or not. Since I don't know that data source I can't give you explicit instructions, but I think the Nz() function may help - it will turn null values into zeros.

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