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    Outlook looking like Outlook Express (WIN ME Office 2K)

    I'd like to make Outlook look like Outlook Express... In other words, I don't need alot of the bells and whistles of Outlook, but I apparently need some of those files to run a RingCentral Phoneworks 2002 program. So, I'd like to do a minimal Outlook reinstall to correct some IMAP files so I can run Phoneworks, but still use Outlook Express as my default mail client. Can I jus delete the Outlook icon and continue to use Outlook Express????
    Thanks for your help, as always...

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    Re: Outlook looking like Outlook Express (WIN ME Office 2K)

    Yes you can - they co-exist fine. I used both together when my daughter was staying - she used OE and I used Outlook.
    You will run into difficulty if they both try to download mail messages from the same ISP as it will get confusing which one has the data in its folders.

    You could
    Not connect to the POP3 server for Outlook (you can still use the SMTP for outgoing)

    Set one of them (probably Outlook NOT to delete messages from the POP3 server for, say, 60 days. That way, Outlook Express will eventually see them and remove them. The setting is available under advanced when you set up the account (I think).

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