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Thread: Scheduled Task

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    Scheduled Task

    I tried to start using "task scheduler" to copy some files from the server when boot up. Under control panel => services there is "task scheduler". It was started and automatic. So I see a folder "scheduled task" in NT Explorer. In the folder there is "Add scheduled task" wizard and I can start to schedule from there. But in another machine using SP5, mine was SP4, I don't see "task scheduler" under the control panel => services. However, there was a "schedule" and I changed it to started and automatic. The "scheduled task" folder and the wizard is not appearing in the NT Explorer. Are they the same thing? If Not, how can I start to use the task scheduler? If yes, why isn't it appearing, and how can I start scheduling? Please help.

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    Re: Scheduled Task

    This KB article might help: <A target="_blank" HREF=>Task Scheduler Service on Windows NT</A>

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