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    Compare Documents & Form Fields (2000 SR1)

    My team has to review changes between successive customer-specific versions of a ponderous Word form created in another department. It comes protected, but we have the password. When we unprotect and test "Track Changes, Compare Documents" with a sample, we find that FormText changes are highlighted, but <font color=red>changes in the selection status of a FormDropDown and in the checked/unchecked status of a FormCheckBox are -not- highlighted by the Compare</font color=red>. This is not good news as many review-critical items are included in FormDropDown and FormCheckBox fields.

    Can someone confirm that this is default behavior? Are any workarounds?
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    Re: Compare Documents & Form Fields (2000 SR1)

    I don't know if this is default behaviour but a possible workaround would be to save the file using the save option "Save data only for forms" which is available under the Tools > Options > Save.

    This creates a comma delimited file of all the form field contents. It is good for bringing the data entered into a database but might also prove useful for this purpose.
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