The following is a quote from the current Woody's Windows XP newsletter:

Make Mine Mozilla?

Since I'm running a follow-up on popups anyway, I thought you might get a kick out of this letter from SG:

"I've often thought I might respond to some of the things you say, but this
one made me laugh...

I finally - finally - found a popup smasher that seems to work. At least, so far I haven't hit any problems. And that's no small trick.

So have I... Mozilla! Mozilla has a bunch of things that I think are important to someone
concerned about Internet security, and... they are all contained within the browser, not add-on products.

Cookies: We all know that disabling cookies completely will break many sites, and turning on any "selective acceptance" will smash the average user's patience PDQ. With Mozilla (since v0.95), these can be set up to be "accepted" but you can limit the lifetime of them to a specified time, or you can have them delete after every session. Hence... no site is going to track me using cookies!

Scripts: Most of the undesireable behaviours that browsers do is related to scripting. Popups are caused by scripts that open new windows of a specified size ("popunders" bring the main window to the foreground), etc. Mozilla allows the user to allow scripts to (or stop from):

Open unrequested windows (e.g. popups)
Move or resize existing windows (e.g. those annoying "full screen" sites)
Raise or lower windows (e.g. popunders)
Hide the status bar (e.g. "full screen" sites again)
Change status bar text
Change images
Create or change cookies
Read cookies

All of this without installing any third-party applications or utilities.

I've been using Mozilla almost exclusively for 18 months, and I have not had any major issues with it at all. Of course, YMMV!"

* (Your Mileage May Vary)

Have a Great day!!!