We just upgraded from Win NT and Exchange 5.5 to Windows/Exchange 2000 on our server, but all workstations remained the same. A few weird things have happened since we imported the old mailboxes into the new system:

1) one user (and only one user) cannot set delegates in Outlook. The system says it cannot access the folder. I do not see anything in his user settings to block delegates, and it seems to be the only thing that he can't access.

2) The exchange server is on a different server now, so old links to other users calendars had to be reset. Is there any way to clear out the old links in Outlook (this is under File, Open, Other Users Folder).

3) The rules wizard seems to be blasted beyond help. All rules were on the server prior to the upgrade. I went into the rules wizard and reconnected the rules with the proper destination folders. However, every time an email comes in that would be subject to a rule, the system duplicates all the rules on the client and says there's a conflict. I deleted the client versions and they reappear with the next email. I set the client versions to the proper mapping and it doesn't keep them. I delete the server versions and left the clients on and it lost the mapping. I exported the rules and imported them and it doesn't keep them. Is there anything short of deleting and recreating all these rules that will work?