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    Explorer Refresh (Win XPP)

    After clicking "refresh", closing and reopening Explorer, opening and reclosing the CD drive cradle: Still can't get explorer to show that the contents of the drive has changed.

    Even when I click the drive in the left-pane, it will show the correct contents of the CD on the right, but it will not update the title of the CD - it just continues to show: "SP Conference", which is the CD that was in the drive earlier today.

    It seems that when I open the drive door and then close it again, Explorer should recognize that the disc has changed and update the information accordingly. Did I miss a setting somewhere or is this normal behavior?
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    Re: Explorer Refresh (Win XPP)

    These may help.
    1) Restore CD/DVD Drives to Explorer. Click "Win XP Fixes" on the left task pane; then 4th item down right column.
    2) Clean cd-rom; ck. allignment. You could have a dirty lens.
    3) 321641How to Troubleshoot Issues With Reading CD, CD-R, CD-RW, and DVD Disks.


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