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    Personal Folders on CD? (Outlook 2000)

    I'm cleaning-up some personal folders, creating versions for each past year. Wanted to store some of these on CD with the idea to insert the CD and directly attaching the folders in Outlook. Found out however that PST-files that are write-protected (e.g. by being on a CD but also when on a HD -after copying from CD- with the READ_ONLY flag-set) cannot be opened in Outlook (even if I'd ONLY want to read).

    Am I missing something? Can I e.g. tell Outlook to open a PST in read-only mode? Are there workarounds?

    Appreciate your suggestions...


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    Re: Personal Folders on CD? (Outlook 2000)

    No, you'll have to copy the PST file back to a hard disk (or network drive) in order to use it. Outlook needs full access even if you only want to view items, AFAIK.

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