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Thread: SQL & Slammer

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    SQL & Slammer

    Two years ago I worked on a project for a client that required me to install SQL server on my Windows 98 laptop to do remote end-user testing on their database. SQL was a horrendous monster to say the least and the client eventually switched to a Citrix server, which I still use to access their database from time to time.

    Now with the Slammer worm circulating, I need to protect my laptop. What I would really like to do is get rid of SQL Server since I have no other use for it but, unlike other programs, it does not appear in the Control Panel's Uninstall list (or maybe I already did the "Uninstall" and just don't remember). What I do know for sure is that the sqlservr.exe file (version 7 service pack 3) still exists on my computer. I know nothing about database setup and how intertwined with everything else on my computer it might be. Should I just go ahead and download sp4 plus the security update as directed on the Microsoft web site noted in WOW 8.04? Or can I just get rid of SQL without screwing up the rest of my system? If the latter, I need instruction on how to proceed.

    Many thanks to anyone who can help.

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    Re: SQL & Slammer

    SQL server version 7 is not affected. If you have installed the MSDE you'll have sqlservr.exe on your system. If it does not appear in the control panel you'd have to investigate the MS site for any other manual uninstall help.


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