We have a file on our network that some of my colleagues would like to access while traveling. I set up a slick little client rule, specified a subject line ("Send me Bulletin Board"), attached the desired file in an Outlook template automatic message reply and voila! Well, not really, as it turns out. The .oft file apparently does not grab the current version of the file on the network, but rather the attachment appears to be "embedded" (?) into the template. Which leads to a few questions:

1. How can I set up an automatic reply to an Outlook message so that they can get the current version of the file from the network automatically sent?
2. Can I customize the reply so that it only goes back to the sender? (Other users may not wish to get a copy every time one individual requests the update).
3. Some of my users travel with a Blackberry and can't read attachments. Can I automatically send them the file (an Excel spreadsheet) within the message body, much as I might if sending directly from within Excel?