I have a computer running Windows 2K and developed an application using VB6. In this app I placed an image control, assigned a JPG to it (which expanded the image control to the size of the image), then set the stretch property to True. I then sized the image down to fit on an area of the form. Looked great.

Now, I just configured another computer with Windows 2K and installed VB6 from scratch. I also installed SP5. I copied over the JPG file, placed an image control on a new form in a new project, assigned the JPG to it and set its stretch property to True. Here, when I do it, when I resize the file in any direction it either disappears or leaves a small white square someone in the area of the control. When I run the app the image doesn't display at all. If I change the stretch property back to False it displays fine.

The computers are different models, one is an HP Vectra P3 and the other (where the problem is occuring) is a Compaq P4. I really think the models don't make a difference though. Anyone have a clue what is going on here?

RESOLVED: This issue was due to a driver update needed for the graphics card. This was found by running a Windows Update and loading the monitor and graphics card drivers recommended by the system scan.