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    SiteMap PHP Version (All Versions)

    I recently posted a Dynamic Site Map created by an ASP page. <post#=214965>post 214965</post#>

    Essentially the ASP page builds a sitemap for you, based upon your FrontPage's Navigation data (which FrontPage has pretty well hidden). A reply to that post today, was about it not working on some Hosting sites. That is because not all Hosting Sites have ASP capabilities. In general, ASP is usually restricted to Windows Servers, running IIS...though there are 'copy cats' out there.

    So, I decided to be brave today, and teach myself PHP (which is available on most hosting sites (though not all IIS servers allow it...go figure...). So here is my very first PHP project. It is a PHP version of my ASP sitemap. The ONLY difference between the two, is that the PHP version needs to be put in your root web directory, where as the .asp one could be put anywhere on your site. I could probably fix that, but I had enough of a learning curve just getting everything else to work. (Hey, I only started this 4 or 5 hours ago.....and it took over an hour to get PHP setup on my IIS server (they don't like to play together.....again, go figure)).

    So here it is, the PHP Dynamic Site Map! <img src=/S/sailing.gif border=0 alt=sailing width=25 height=25> Enjoy! (Goto to the post above for details on the page (there are three 'viewing' options, which can be put in as query's the same as the ASP version...)
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