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    Exporting a Soundtrack (2000/SR1)

    I have made a really cool presentation, with a soundtrack that plays over the whole show. I'm really happy with the way it came out. Now, here is my problem. I want to export the presentation to a CD, along with the music and I can't seem to be able to do it. I've looked on the site and probably using the wrong search phrases but is there a way to do this? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    Re: Exporting a Soundtrack (2000/SR1)

    You haven't told us the format of the music and whether it is on a CD or not. But here are some useful links from within and outside of the lounge. So here in no particular order:
    <UL><LI> Auto starting a Powerpoint presentation (2000)
    <LI> auto run presentation (2000)
    <LI>A product that is repeatedly recommended is Sonia Coleman's Autorun CD Project
    <LI> MS Knowledge base article: 198203 Inserted Media Player Object Is Linked, Not Embedded
    <LI>MS Knowledge base article: 212286 Sound or Movie Objects Play Incorrectly or Not at All
    <LI>MS Knowledge base article: 198214 How to Play Sounds Across Multiple Slides
    <LI>Insert Wav file (97) , In particular Silverback's suggestion for using Pack and Go.
    <LI>Echo's instructions are here (recommended)
    <LI>Playing Music in HTML Presentations
    <LI>MS Knowledge base article: 241493 How to Distribute Presentations on CD-ROM
    <LI>MS Knowledge base article: 239815 How to Include the PowerPoint 97 Viewer on a CD-ROM[/list]Tell us what happens!
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    Re: Exporting a Soundtrack (2000/SR1)

    Just make sure that your sound file is in the same folder with your presentation before you insert it into the presentation. That will create a relative link so that the PPT file can find the sound file on the CD.

    When you burn the files to CD, burn the contents of the folder to the CD--you don't need to put the folder itself on the CD, though. Include both the presentation and the sound file, of course.

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