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    Read mail - jumping toolbar (2000)

    When you are reading messages in Outlook, and on the Standard toolbar you click on the 'Previous Message' or 'Next Message' buttons , if you move from a standard message to one that is an update on an assigned task (or vice versa), the toolbar jumps all over the place.

    If you are not careful, you then hit either the delete button (if you hadn't noticed what it was you deleted, you might never find it again)!) or the help button, and the slow help system trundles into action and your windows go all over the place! This is very aggravating. Is there a simple way round it?

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    Re: Read mail - jumping toolbar (2000)

    Let go of your mouse and use these:

    <table border=1 bordercolor=black cellpadding=3 cellspacing=0 bgcolor=black><td bgcolor=white><big><font color=blue>Next Message</big></td><td bgcolor=white><big><font color=blue>Ctrl + ></big></td><tr><td bgcolor=white><big><font color=blue>Previous Message

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