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    ExportTo File Specification (Access 2002 sp1)

    I am trying to export a table (using code) to a comma delimited file. Is there a way to designate a predefined file specification when using OutputTo acformatTXT? All I get is a text file (with data) built with dashes and plus signs to look like a table.

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    Re: ExportTo File Specification (Access 2002 sp1)

    I don't know if this is what you want:

    When you export manually to a text file, using File/Export..., the Export Text Wizard has an Advanced... button. Here you can save your export settings as a specification. You can use this specification later if you use DoCmd.TransferText, not if you use DoCmd.OutputTo:

    DoCmd.TransferText(TransferType, SpecificationName, TableName, FileName, HasFieldNames, HTMLTableName)

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